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Mantra Cd for anti-cancer hysteric patients, pranic, reiki healers

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

1. Anti-cancer mantra

Listening to this chanting cd or drinking the mantra charged water will kill every type of cancer cell from the body and also useful for any type of cancer test/screening. (mammogram, cancer antigen test or any type of cancer screening test).

2. For hysteric patients

Regular intake of the mantra charged water can keep hysteric patients calm and relaxed.

3. For Pranic healers, Tarot readers, Reiki healers

Pranic healers, Tarot readers, Reiki healers or any healers can play this mp3 cd in the background in low volume while healing or counselling their clients/ patients/healee. In addition, this mantra charged water can be taken by all healers to cut the unwanted/negative energies exposed in their aura.

4. When you are affected by the evil eyes of someone, take this mantra charged water.

After visiting a death house, take this mantra charged water for 3 days.

Preparing Mantra charged water

Play Om Howm Vum Jhoom Saha mp3 cd, place the water bottle/

glass of water in front of the speakers to charge it.


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