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A person cannot be without ego unless he sheds his identity.

There’s only one person who is without an ego.

He was Lord Krishna.He accepted to be the driver of the chariot.

Most of the people do not know the work of the driver especially when he drives the chariot. Arjuna has to sit above the Krishna. In the midst of war, he cannot shout to direct the chariot.

How did Arjuna convey this to Krishna?

Arjuna will just place his leg on the shoulder of Krishna. If it is right shoulder and he touches his ear, he has to turn to the right.

When he touches his left ear placing his leg on his left shoulder, he has to turn to the left.

We never accept this if we are the chariot driver. But Krishna accepted it and did his work as a full charioteer with full devotion.

Running the chariot is the karma yoga for him.

Running the chariot with devotion is Bhakti yoga.

Since he drove it with so much dedication and he attained the supreme knowleddge in driving the chariot.

He was the one person who was able to talk about Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga and Gnana Yoga.

When the war was over, how did Arjuna behave?

That is the difference between the Lord and the human being.

Arjuna said to Lord Krishna,

Can you get down first? Then I will get down.”

That’s the protocol in the war.

Krishna said, “The war is over and you get down first”.

Arjuna got down and the next person to get down was Krishna.

The moment Krishna got down, it burst into flames.

Had Krishna followed the protocol, what would have happened? Arjuna would have been dead.

TINY is the word which fully describes Krishna.

Whenever we want harmony, we have to say


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