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The Power of Love: Awaken Your Awareness and Transform Your Life

Updated: Feb 8

Awaken your awareness

This is a new series from the collection of random topic discussion with Naran Sir and his students.

What is Love?

LOVE is being neutral and devoid of anger, resentment.

What is giving love?

Being free from anger and resentment.

What is another form of love?

Stop expecting to be loved.

How to achieve that?

Whenever you expect to be loved, admired, appreciated, just say within “I release my desire to be loved/admired/appreciated.” And be in silence.

When do you expect the other person to love you?

When you want to control or change him.

What will happen if the other person does not give you love as you expect?

You feel insecure. Whenever you are driven by desire for approval, release your insecurity.

What is the real food for human beings?

Giving love……

Giving love to family members, elders, friends, relatives when they are alive is important than doing rituals religiously after they die.

How to bring this into practice in day-to-day life?

Free yourself from anger, hatred, and resentment in all your activities and all your thoughts. Be neutral.


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