All that comes to me from you Divine, is always welcome.

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Dear sir,

During last week, I had been diagnosed with ectopal- tubal pregnancy.

Fetus was healthy and growing well, - at the wrong place, which is life threatening to the mother.

The doctor advised me to terminate it. What sin the child committed?- which is still unborn. I am unable to accept this? Am I not killing the foetus to save my life?

My termination - yes, the pregnancy was terminated.

I could not control my weeping, sometimes because of anger, sometimes because of guilt, with the thought of "whether what I did was right"

Sir, is there any method,other than meditation to train our minds to accept all such events calmly, even though they are beyond our control?

How should we perceive such incidents to feel calm or without any emotional outbursts?


"I should not weep, I have to be calm"- these thoughts will suppress the emotions and the emotions suppressed, later will come out in the form of a physical problem.

Go through the emotions, which naturally surface say, "I am weeping" This awareness, will make you come out easily well.

When there is great distress over grief, weep.

Weeping is an easy way of reaching the divine. Let us not feel shy for weeping. Feel the loss and weep to get over it. Weeping intensely will relieve you from the burden.

When you start weeping, imagine that your are in the laps of the divine mother. Lie on the laps and weep.

A solace is given by weeping in the laps of the divine Mother. When you are fully relieved of the grief, say, "Lord, I bow to you for relieving me.

Whether, you choose happiness or sorrow, pleasure or suffering for me, all that comes to me from thee is always welcome."

Take the flower remedies willow and pine for 15 days.

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