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Achieve Peace and Happiness

Blue point I need help for a switch word that helps me to meditate. I have been doing meditation for 2 years + but could not go much far with noted changes. So, please suggest me some switch word that helps me to mediate deeply and achieve mental peace and happiness. I don’t know but, there may be some blockage within me to be removed.

Naran Before doing meditation, chant “WHITE CHESTNUT AGRIMONY QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX” 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water in small sips. Then sit for meditation. Meditation will not bring you anything. Meditation means cultivation. Take one evolving emotions for a week and build up that energy within you so that it becomes your part to become easily accessible. E.g. Take LOVE. How do you cultivate this in your mind? Think of your parents; mentally say “I love you”. Thank them. Thanking and smiling at all your organs is cultivating love. Thank all the places where you resided, stayed. Thank the Mother Earth for providing you with food manifesting your desires. Give her all your love intending “Let my love for you cleanse the pollution”. Think of all the rivers thank them. Think of good qualities of all the people in your life and say “I love you”. This is meditation on Love. Cultivate (meditate) love in you. Become love itself when you meditate. You will attract good people and even people who dislike you or people whom you don’t like will turn good.

  1. Similarly, take one quality a week: peace, joy, surrender, co-existence, reverence, harmony, beauty, wisdom and humility.

  2. Meditate on them and cultivate these qualities in you like a farmer growing the seeds.

  3. You can download pictures for these qualities and think about them. Wisdom means you can think of enlightened people and bring them to your mind picture.These qualities if properly cultivated will evolve you above your survival instinct. Life is not competition; it is co-existence. It is giving and not getting. It is an exercise to accept and surrender.

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