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A simple explanation on Bach Flower Rock Water

Naran S Balakumar Rock Water means Inflexibility and Rigidity. If you marry a person from my caste/my religion, I will agree. Otherwise, it is ok if you remain single. She is in love with person belonging to another caste. However, principles stop her father to agree. His heart is like a rock. In this world, only love is important and rest of the stuff – principles for example, is not important is the message from Rock Water. Rock water is a principled and rigid person. He will come in the queue and will not try any short cuts as he abides by the principles. This is only remedy taken out of water. Persons in Rock Water state will have a heart like rock. He has no heart. Will be very honest though and a man of principles. He is highly disciplined. Whereas a Beech person would like others to be disciplined, while a Rock Water will be a disciplined person himself. He will not ask others to be so and will be an exemplary person. But principles are not everything about life. All rules and principles will stumble down in the spiritual world as divinity has its own rule. We can’t tell the truth and get leave from a Rock Water manager. So we have to tell him a lie and get the leave sanctioned and neither will he allow others to come near them. Rock Water persons are not only hard on themselves but on others too. The message from Rock Water is that we live only for love as we are born out of love and we shall make friends with help of love. Who wants honesty when there is no love? But Rock Water persons are loveless people. They are known for their stubbornness. They will end up in pain in the knee due to their rigid in nature. In such cases, Rock Water, Walnut and Hornbeam combination is the remedy. Cheater and the cheated are one and the same. The police and robbers live along in the same jail. So if you take Rock Water (jailer) + Chestnut Bud (thief) nobody can cheat you.


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