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A heavy indigestion got solved in no-time!

Mangala AyreLast night, my husband ate a heavy dinner. He usually keeps Gelusil tablets next to the bed so that he can take it, if he feels acid reflux. There were no pills available then. He just remembered Naran’s mantra for effective digestion. He started chanting, “RUM BUM DHUM LUM”. Within minutes his acidic feeling vanished!


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Naran S Balakumar Alkaline MudraDo Merudanda Mudra – the alkaline Mudra, while chanting the mantra “PRANAVA ROOPINI, HREENGARA ROOPINI, SACHITAANANDA ROOPINI, SURYA MANDALA VASINI,   NITHYAM NAMAMYAHA

Mathangi Mudra Mumbai 2015

Naran S Balakumar All the fingers are interlocked except the middle finger. Like Pushan (Acceptance Mudra), this is also equally good for digestion as it works on all digestive organs. If you think

Better Bowls Movement

Naran S Balakumar Chin Mudra activates the Apana, meaning it facilitates downward movement of our prana. In the morning, if you have a constipation or difficulty in passing motion or going for bowels


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