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A Divine’s Interview Call

Naran Chant “ELM, STAR OF BETHLEHEM, ROCK WATER”. In the night be in PRAN MUDRA (safe and secure Mudra) i.e. thumb touching ring finger and little finger (both hands) for 20 minutes before sleeping. Explanation ELM: feeling inadequate to handle the situation STAR OF BETHLEHEM: to overcome shock; and to restore ROCK WATER: for sudden obstruction or impediment PRAN MUDRA: to quiet the mind and relax Lura March 20th What chanting to do to get a call for an interview? I submitted my resume into different places but no call from anywhere so far. Please do suggest me something to get a job.

Naran Chant “REACH DIVINE CALL NOW DONE” Explanation REACH DIVINE CALL: seeking (Reaching) Divine’s Help for an interview call NOW, DONE: make it immediately happen without delay Lura April 3rd After a while I got a call to join next week to a job. Now my query is what is the best chanting for keeping that job permanent and not to lose it for any reason, also what should I chant to keep my boss as well as everyone happy at work.

Naran Chant “WALNUT, GENTIAN, LARCH, MIMULUS” Explanation WALNUT: break the previous pattern GENTIAN: not to think about previous failure and move ahead positively LARCH: handling the work assigned with confidence MIMULUS: for a friendly and a fearless atmosphere


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